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Flexible cancellation policy

for all bookings in 2021

Anyone who is currently planning a conference, a series of seminars or a workshop will be glad if the general conditions are right. In these times, nothing is more unsettling than long cancellation deadlines. Whether rebookable at short notice or cancelable free of charge shortly before the start of the event - staying flexible is the motto. Flexible in the general conditions and secure in the performance! This way, you can book your meetings in a guaranteed relaxed way without any risk.

Cancel free of charge 2 weeks prior to meeting start

Due to the uncertain planning situation, our conference hotels in Central Europe continue to offer you shortened cancellation periods for your booking security. We help you to book conferences, seminars and smaller events risk-free until 31.12.2021 with a guaranteed cancellation period up to 2 weeks before the start of the event. Contact your MICE Desk now for flexible offers!

Distance is what makes the meeting

With spacing regulations in place everywhere, the need for a meeting room and the space available per attendee has greatly increased. Larger rooms not only meet the needs of meeting attendees for greater spacing under the given requirements, but also help to hold a safe meeting. But how does room design, taking into account spacing recommendations, affect different types of seating? How many participants can safely meet in the meeting room, for example in a U-shape? And if the meeting is to be held with 15 people in parliamentary seating, what room size is appropriate? Plan your "New Normal Meetings" with us - we are prepared:

Every hotel-level meeting room table here in the MICE Guide is calculated with distance seating!

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